Engaging Customers

Keep your brand relevant with news customers want.


Short, relevant news items kept EDGAR Online engaged in monthly communication with its customer base of 30,000 financial professionals. Sent as an email , the newsletter linked to the online blog where customers could get the full story, comment, and also see  ads for product updates.

My writing services for cover any of your needs: from developing stories to completely managing the writing, design, and publication of customer communications.


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Placement in respected publications is expected of  brand leaders. But few companies or their marketing agencies have writers on staff who can dedicate the time required to research or craft a story with in-depth, original content. For five 5 years, I became immersed in writing about a new technology used tin business reporting, called XBRL. For the accounting industry’s trade association, AICPA I interviewed international financial leaders, central bankers, and securities regulators to produce a story on global trends, which was published as a booklet and printed in the Journal of Accountancy,  The History of Our New Language. 



GOEducational, persuasive communications can come in many forms and engage both external and employee audiences. In this viral marketing campaign, the goal was to leverage the social networks of a Fortune 1000’s older and retiring employees. The marketing agency needed a dynamic presentation to help sell the ground-breaking concept. I researched the 50+ market before developing inspiring, life-style story ideas for the presentation and directed the design of a prototype publication.


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