Executive Communications

Establish industry leadership
Inform your customers
Create brand value

Messages from executives are my favorite writing projects, whether the audience is industry peers, the public, or corporate employees. One of the real pleasures of being a writer is the opportunity to learn about so many aspects of the world, from the mouths of industry leaders. My job is to expertly draw out key information to help you to shape a clear message and make your words relevant to your intended audience.

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White Papers for Financial Services

  • How to Invest in China
  • How to Find Information on Public Companies and People Who Run Them 
  • Where to Get International Global Reports

Executive Communications

  • This CEO’s statement to a U.S. Congressional Committee was edited and illustrated to explain a business reporting technology that could prevent a repeat of the 2008 economic collapse.

White Papers for Marketing Communications

Management Reports, Brand Analyses, and More

  • Understanding Our Customer’s Attitudes and Buying Behaviors. Customer interviews and focus groups were the first step in this study for S&S Worldwide.
  • Preserving Brand IdentityWritten on behalf of a leader in the direct mail industry, this report explains the creative design process and its impact on sales to new investors.
  • Matching Professional Skills Development to the Business Plan. This executive communication explains how IBM Global Services can better predict and meet employee training requirements.
  • Book outline for a subsidiary of Gray Advertising explaining a new branding concept.
  • Managing Mergers & Acquisitions as a Core Business Process. Edited, designed, and published as a promotional brochure for an M&A professional .

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